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Navn: Dan Zahdour Head Instructor Krav maga R.E.D

Sidst online: 27/9-2017, 18:09
Online tid: 7 dage, 3 timer og 15 minutter
Telefon: 61126598
Klub: blackops-concept
By: 3460 Høvelte Kaserne
Stilart: Krav Maga R.E.D pro solutions
Alder: 53 år
Højde: 178 cm
Vægt: 110 kg
Citat: legio patria nostra


My name is Dan Zahdour, I am French and l have been living in Denmark since 1995. I am 53 years old

-Founder Operational training unit
-Head instructor and technical director of KMRED PRO France,europa ,Scandinavie .
-I was vice president of International Police Confederation and Technical Director AJL-Denmark in France from 2005 to 2011.
-I have been responsible for AJL / Academy Jacques Levinet in Denmark and Sweden, 2005 to 2011.
-Founder OTUD-PRO for police, security agencies and the military units.
- Technical Director Federation Jacques Levinet -in Denmark and Sweden.
- Vice President International Police -Confederation (IPC)
- Chief instructor 3 dan SPK, SF, BDJL, SPKE. (2005-2011)
- Chief instructor level 2 Real Operational System (ROS law enforcement)-(2005-2011)
- BO, TO, PRO, GTOIP.(law enforcement)

Diplomas- certifications
- The budo masters council certificate 2016
- Instructor Krav Maga ICCS (28.04.2013)
- Combat pistol course level Alef 1 (18/02/2013) no:22ILD25D Israeli combat pistol system
- Expert Shooting Instructor in police and bodyguards (governement)num:PN-00-375-1987 - Commando military instructor (governement)-
- Air Marshall Police No. 254778/2012 (May 2012)
- Expert close protection (governement)
- Expert police security and close protection, training police, Army, Security (OTUD-PRO)
International diploma degré 8th dan police training 20 dec 1996
-Head Instructor self defense
- Head Instructor Close Combat (military)
- Chef Instructor Krav Maga AEKM 3 dan 2011
- Diploma Instructor Federal European for FEKAMT 2006
- Brevet Federal European FEKAMT 2011
- 3 times French champion in American Kickboxing and diploma the Moniteur Federal (Federation of Kickboxing)
- Instructor Thai Boxing (Federation Francaise de Muay Thai)
- World Muay Thai concil an International Federation of Muay Thai amateur
- Chief Instructor black belt 3 dan SPK (Self Pro Krav)
- Chief instructor level 2 in ROS (Real Operational System) law enforcement
- Chief instructor level 2 Tonfa, telescopic cudgel, GTOIP. law enforcement
- Krav Maga instructor grade 8 civilian and military
- Medical and Fysiotherapeuteksamineret Physiotherapy Sports Masseur - 2010 (Sport Education)
- Sports Acupuncture 2010
- Kinesiotape / sports tape.

Work experience:
- Bodyguard for French ministers and the president of Gabon
- Bodyguard for the royal family in The Saudi Arabia
- Foreign Legion at Calvi in Corsica (5 years)
- 2 Regiment Etranger the parachutistes (2 REP) 4 compagnie sniper/ destruction
- Stationed in Lebanon, Africa, the Golf, Caribean, and Kosovo.
- Employed in the stamped Police
- Emirates celebrities in the entertainment industry
- Responsible for recruitment and training of security guards

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