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Navn: J. Jensen

Sidst online: 20/11-2014, 3:05
Online tid: 8 dage, 17 timer og 13 minutter
Messenger: manhattanbudokanjan
Klub: FMA and Arnis
By: 6000 Cebu
Stilart: FMA/Eskrima
Alder: 37 år
Højde: 176 cm
Vægt: 85 kg
Citat: “Defang The Snake Make It Harmless”


I was born 1977, my dad Jens Jensen was one of the founders of Esbjerg Jiu-Jitsu Klub (in Danmark, EU). He been training Martial arts for more then 10 years and did inspire me to start training Martial Arts when i became older. Besides Jiu-Jitsu, my dad did also train Okinawan Shuri Ryu Karate with Vitus Bilking in Esbjerg Karate Klub.

When i became 17 years old (in 1994), i started training Okinawan Shuri Ryu Karate (My teachers where at first Ole and later on Brian), i keept training that for a year until i did meet some Ju-Jutsu (it was a mix of Karate, Judo and Aikido) guys on a workshop i was at and i liked their style a lot better at the time, since it had not just standing fighting. But there was just as much focus on grappling and ground fight, my teacher within Ju-Jutsu was Carsten Ettrup (5 x Danish Champ and Vice World Champ). I did train as much as possible at the time, every time they had a class i would join it, so i was there nearly every day. I did train for around 4 years or more there…..

When i stopped with Ju-Jutsu, i tried some Full Contact Kick-boxing.

Then i decided i wanted something more streetwise (and not so much sports), so i made my training group into a Bujinkan training group. I did train many years within Bujinkan under guys like Jim Karstensen 4 dan. (RIP). Since he moved to Esbjerg (my home town in Denmark) and was teaching me there….
I did earn a rank of 5 Kyu within Bujinkan (Green Belt), my instructor within Bujinkan where direct student of Soke Hatsumi…..

When i was training in Bujinkan under Jim Karstensen, then i did also run a local tv station, which would broadcast our training (shows) out to all of Esbjerg City. I used a Linux Server to broadcast with and been told that the setup i made was one of a kind….

Currently i live in the Philippines and have been living here for several years now…
I got my Master 1 Degree Black Belt under Master Jhun Dacayana in the Dacayana Eskrima System which i got down here in Cebu City and i am at instructor level within the Villasin Balintawak Style, i was a direct student of Grandmaster John Villasin (the son of FMA legend GGM. Atty. Jose Villasin). GM. John Villasin does not hand out certificates, but just tells the student that he is at instructor level (i am 1 out of 2 who made instructor under GM. John Villasin).
Besides that i also hold a instructor degree under Grandmaster Nick Elizar within Nickelstick Balintawak, GM. Nick has been known to create some of the best Eskrimadors within Cebu, his unique style is mixing both long range and close range Eskrima together with a modern JKD like look on want works and does not works, he always keeps it real and streetwise with lots of dirty tricks....

I also did gain a advanced Instructor/Master degree under Henry Jayme (VMA), he has a no BS attitude to his style and uses hard contact. He holds a background within both Balintawak, Doce Pares, Shaolin Kung Fu and Tat Kun Tao-Kung Fu. He was a direct student of GGM. Velez.
I was 1 out few people to reach advanced levels in Henry´s style and he called me his best student ever....
Besides Henry Jayme and VMA (FMA) i currently cross-train in a local Gym in Liloan with a trainer, who is a Boxing coach and have a background within BJJ and Thai-Boxing.

Besides above i have also been on several course within Qi-Gong/Chi-Gong, Yoga, meditation, healing and i have taken a VPG (in DK.), a advanced first aid class (30 hours, in DK.) and been on a Instructor Course on Gerlev Sports School (DK.).

Jeg er som en af de få "Foreigners" medlem af RIU/R2, en Politi enhed hernede i Filippinerne. Hvilket tillader mig at anholde folk, få "Mission Orders" og "Special gun permits".

Der udover er jeg som den første "Foreigner" også medlem og Founder (højeste Rank) indenfor Guardians Brotherhood, Guardians startede i 1976 i den Filippinske hær og giver dets medlemmer kontakt til mange gode forbindelser som Politi, Hær og Politikere......

Jeg er i PGBI som bla. har GS Senator Gringo Honasan som medlem og er Guardians største faction (de har 95 der arbejder sammen som en), den verdens kendte Boxer Manny Pacman er også medlem af Guardians hans tattoo er dog på venstre skulder.
Guardians Brotherhood er i de fleste lande i verden, jeg har som Founder 2 Chapters hernede PGBI Liloan med 32 medlemmer og PGBI Parkmall med ca. 29 medlemmer.....

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