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Hysterisk morsom Jean C. Van Damme artikel! //
Hysterisk morsom Jean C. Van Damme artikel! - Verdens bedste træningsmiljø
Denne tråd er vist 1832 gange og besvaret 5 gange

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18/4-2003, 18:49


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F.eks. om Hard Target, 1993:
Plot #1 This was legendary Hong Kong director John Woo’s first American movie, and if you can convince yourself that the stupid parts are trying to be ironic, it’s probably the best movie in the world.

18/4-2003, 20:20


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LarsB. ID #34982

Keep It 666 !!
19/4-2003, 18:39

Kim Hovgaard

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Kim Hovgaard ID #35011
"That’s why villains love JCVD so much – he’s the kind of hero that will enter their secret martial arts tournaments purely for the love of quickly doing the splits and punching someone in the genitals."

"In this film, JCVD fights a woman dressed in a giant penguin costume. Now, if Jackie Chan did this, it would be a whimsical slapstick fight, and he’d probably be holding a priceless vase filled with puppies. Jean-Claude, on the other hand, dips her hand into a deep fryer, saws off chunks of the penguin head by ramming her into a ceiling fan... fills her eyeballs with hot peppers, and jams her into a conveyer-fed steam cleaner where she’s strangled to death by her own penguin head while at the same time being boiled alive. Jean-Claude HATES penguins."

22/4-2003, 15:49

Thor Nielsen

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Malicia Team

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tan ID #35170

He does the splits a couple of times, but I cut a few points off the Van Dammeter because both times the splits seemed like a very logical and practical thing to do. And throwing your legs out at impossible angles should only be reserved for completely unwarranted occasions.
22/4-2003, 15:51

Thor Nielsen

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Malicia Team

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tan ID #35171
Perfekt dokumentaristisk research:

In the beginning…
Jean-Claude’s first film role was an uncredited part as a unitard-wearing breakdancing enthusiast in a crowd scene in Breakin’. His first credited role came in Monaco Forever, a film by the acclaimed director of Blackenstein and Wham Bam Thank You Spaceman. The name of the character he played – “Gay Karate Man.”
23/4-2003, 10:52


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Matzon ID #35231


Super letvægts BJJ gi

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