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ICCS is the new generation of Krav Maga //
ICCS is the new generation of Krav Maga
The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Globetrotter
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The International israeli Organization of Krav maga . ICCS , based in Israel - Jerusalem .
ICCS provide High Level quality training of Krav Maga under the highest israeli standart

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10/5-2013, 13:41

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INFORMATION : For all ICCS school in Europe .

Since february , some change has been done .
There is no more managing director in Italy , Mr Wilmouth Christian ( ICCS European General manager and technical Director in France ) is in charge of the regulation , administration and management of ICCS Krav Maga organization in Europe , as France , Italy , Uk , Spain etc . for scandinavian countries Mr Dan Zahdour is the ICCS Scandanivia managing director .

ICCS schools in this area , are under his leadership . Every ICCS member as to know the ICCS rules , document who was send to every school : ( for exemple )
use of the ICCS logo , affiliation rules and period .
- Every new certified instructor is under test for one year after his certification , a test after one year confirm or not his diplom of Instructor .
- For veteran instructors , each year a technical and physic test has to be done to see his level . to confirm or not his diplom .

In September 2013 , ICCS passeport is a obligation for each students , the passeport is valid for 5 years . ICCS instructor and school leader can inform you for all further informations . No certificate , no level test is recognized without ICCS passeport .
etc .

David C.

ICCS Director
Jerusalem - Israel

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