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The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Globetrotter
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17/9-2014, 14:49

Tue K. Trnka

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Den anerkendte irske cutman, Joseph Clifford, afholder nogle meget populære cutman-kurser rundt omkring i Europa. Er der interesse for, at vi afholder dette kursus i København?

Fra hans website
The Cutman Course is run for all those wishing to participate in either pro boxing or MMA. Although some individuals attend the course purely out of curiosity. The course itself is a culmination of years working at the highest level of Professional Boxing and MMA.

It is designed to give participants the best knowledge possible to deal with cuts/lacerations and injuries acquired in the field of amateur and professional sport.

The course is run over a one day period, covering elements of theory, most scenarios encountered in the field. The course is certified (certificate of participation), sanctioned and recognized by the Boxing Union of Ireland and within MMA


History of Cutman

A Brief History, its Evolution to Date & the Potential Treats to an Age Old Profession

2. Cutman

Primary Purpose: Who we are? What we are? Our Role Ring or Octagon Side & Recognition
Sanctioned Haemostatic Agents
Attaining Haemostatic Agents Legally
Coagulation cascade
The Most Effective Haemostatic Agents

How the Haemostatic Agents Work
Best Sequence
What to use on venial or an arterial bleed
Contraindications to using the Haemostatic Agents e.g. adrenaline, micro-fibular collagen

3. Hand Wrapping

Rules and Regs; AIBA, Pro-Boxing, Unified Rules of MMA
Hand wrapping for injury; sprained wrist, sprained thumb, bruised knuckles etc.
Hand wrapping Pro Boxing & MMA

4. Tools of the Trade

Building your own kit from scratch; A Beginners Guide
The absolute necessities
Pro kit; What the Pro’s Use
Protecting your Kit; legally clearing customs, Rowdy Crowds & Accidents

5.Treatments I

Most Common Injuries in Combat Sports
Anatomy of the Vascular Structures of the Face and Head
Types of Bleeds; Arterial vs Venial
Changing Treatments to suit the Injury
Sanitation & Cross Contamination

6.Treatments II


Prioritizing Injuries
Clean, Look, Separate & Apply
Single Wounds
Multiple Wounds; Primary vs Secondary

Treatment Options
Nose Bleeds

7. Handling Skills (controlling head movement while administering treatment)

Ringside vs Octagon
Single laceration, Multiple lacerations, Nose Bleeds, Swelling & Lacerations, Nose Bleeds & Lacerations

8. First Aid (lecutered by a paramedic)

Impaired Consciousness
Rib Trauma

Because of the reduction in shows nationally unfortunately Cutman can not facilitate apprenticeships for those seeking to pursue a career in the profession.

However, each participant should on completion of the course complete an occupational 1st aid course with a reputable and certified organization that covers; concussion, or head & thoracic trauma, not forgetting open wounds, upper and lower limb injuries.

Then those who wish to pursue a career as a Cutman should start their apprenticeship with a reputable and known mentor/Cutman who practices good hygeine and sanitation. Always putting fighters safety first before personal gratification.

As a general rule an apprenticeship should faciliate all tasks that are required of a Cutman e.g. well versesed in combat sports rules and regulations, hand wrapping, supervised hours under an experienced Cutman treating lacerations, nose bleeds, swelling to name but a few.

A good Cutman comfortable in the Octogon or Ring takes years of practice, constantly updating and honing their skills so be patient and work hard and the rest will follow.

The way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death
17/9-2014, 17:28


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PimpDaddy ID #510487
Jeg er game!

Lets rock!
17/9-2014, 19:19

Hi my rice and...

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dr.bombay (BRUGER SLETTET AF ADMIN) ID #510491
Ja, hvis prisen ikke er overdrevet
17/9-2014, 23:45

Mikkel Bukholt...

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Viby J

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KoreaNinja ID #510501
Hvad er prisen og hvornår?
18/9-2014, 10:53

Tue K. Trnka

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Rumble Sports

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BigBang ID #510508
Vi skal dække hans udgifter til fly, hotel, mad samt betale for seminaret, så det kommer jo an på antal interesserede. Jeg gætter på ca 500-600 kr.

Jeg gætter på en gang i november.

The way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death
18/9-2014, 13:02

Mikkel Bukholt...

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Viby J

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KoreaNinja ID #510509
Hvis det er sidst i November, så kunne jeg nok også være frisk. Men bor i Amsterdam pt.
18/9-2014, 15:42

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Johnhansen (BRUGER SLETTET AF ADMIN) ID #510516
Tue is gonna make that paper!

Super letvægts BJJ gi

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